Sermon series

Summer Sermon Series, 2013.


So here is the thing.  I think God is shrinking.  The universe is expanding as is our knowledge of medicine, science, and much else, seemingly dwarfing God.  Yet, we are no more civilized than any other time in history.  Barbarism and depravity remain.

10 Commandments?  So what?  Discover how these famous, and God-given instructions, originally given to Israelites so many centuries ago, have meaningful application for life today.

This series is spread out over several months, with sermons being giving periodically by Pastor Rick.

This sermon series is the kick off for our theme this year, Walk as children of light, beginning with Ephesians chapter 1.

Relationships! Can you relate?  

Relating to people generally or to family members specifically can be both wonderful and difficult; joyful and impossible.  Can you relate?

Relationships can provide so much love and joy, but they can also be the source of intense pain and sorrow.  Can you relate?

What is the "Light way" to relate to other people regardless of whether you know them well or barely at all?