Sermon series

What is Christmas all about?  What’s the full story of Christmas?  If you have gone to church for a few years or more, you will have heard the Christmas story, and seen pageants, each December.  You may have read the Christmas story at your family gatherings.  But what’s the full story Christmas?  What is it really all about? 

You are invited to join us at our Baptism Service, Sunday at 10:45am.

Prayer & Praise is an important part of our community life together.

We continue to schedule these special gatherings periodically for Sunday mornings which involve worship, praise, testimonies, prayer, question and response, and without a designated sermon. 

This is connected with our vision to be "open with God and each other as we gather."

  • Is there a God?
    • Is God near?
      • Can we know God?  
        • Hasn't science disproved God?  
          • How can we be sure?  

There is no shortage of questions.  We will explore these and many others, in our Summer Sermon Series. Reaching out. Finding Christ.