Sermon series

"I wish I hadn't said that." "I need to get my emotions under control!" "Honestly, I want more joy in my life." "It seems like the decisions we make always seem to backfire."

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you desperate for a little more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, or self-control in your life? Some of you are saying, "a little more? I would be happy with any at all." Others, are saying, "forget a little, I'd like a lot."

How would you fill in the blank? Never-ending church service? Spirits flitting about the clouds, eating cream cheese? Streets of gold? Boring?

Wait a minute. Is it even real? Earth is all we know. This life is all I know. I have some really great times here and I have been to some pretty terrific places. How do I say ‘good-bye’ to all this?

Heaven is hard to imagine. Hmmm… do I really want to go?

"Can I pray for you?" "Sure", comes the reply. It’s amazing! Christian, atheist, agnostic, or spiritual tourist, it doesn’t matter. It seems like almost everyone has room for prayer in their life at one time or another. But now what?

"Let’s pray", says someone. Some bow their heads, perhaps close their eyes. Some fold hands. But now what?

Do you know Him? How well do you know Him? What do you know about Him? Could you write a 'top 10'? How important is it to know Who He is? Most religious groups have an opinion about Jesus, even groups like Islam and Jehovah’s Witnesses. But surprisingly, even people regularly attending Protestant Christian churches have differences in their understanding of Who is Jesus.