Feb 18, 2018 40 Days of Focus - 40 days of Community

February 18, 2018 - 9:30am
40 Days of Focus - 40 days of Community

Sermon mini-Series: Re-Discover


Palm Sunday service - March 25

with SEMC Kids and guest speaker, David Funk


Good Friday Service and communion - March 30

with a variety of stations


Resurrection Service - April 1

with special music


FAQ Series - April 8, 15 and 22

with Jason, Garth and Garry



40 Days of Community

What On Earth Are We Here For?

In conjunction with our for 40 days of focus leading up to the
Passion Week, we are offering an adult elective as part of
Equipping the Saints at SEMC. 40 Days of Community is designed
to deepen your understanding of how God uses other people
for your good and your growth and learn how God can use you
to bless others, cultivate deeper relationships with those around
you, and learn to fulfill God's purposes in community.

All Are welcome to attend. It begins at 9:30am on Sunday, February 18th.

Participants are asked to purchase a copy of the Study Guide for $10.

Content Outline

9:30am Sunday, February 18
Session 1 — What Matters Most.

9:30am Sunday, February 25
Session 2 —  Reaching Out Together.

9:30am Sunday, March 4
Session 3 — Belonging Together.

9:30am Sunday, March 11
Session 4 — Growing Together.

9:30am Sunday, March 18
Session 5 — Serving Together.

9:30am Sunday, March 25
Session 6 — Worshipping Together.