Nov 22, 2017 Athlete's in Action Dessert Night

November 22, 2017 - 7:00pm
Athlete's in Action Dessert Night

Come and join us for a dessert night, but more importantly meet and hear special runners share their stories.  Coming to us are 4 special runners. 

From Morocco - Mohamad Ahansal, who grew up in the Sahara Desert as a ‘son of the desert’. Mohamad is a famous runner, well known to the running world in Europe and Africa as the King of the Desert, and hero of the Marathon des Sables run every year in Southern Morocco. He now lives in Germany, and will come to run the cold Polar Bear Marathon in Churchill on November 18th.

From Mexico - a Tarahumara family from the Copper Canyon is coming to run the Polar Bear Marathon. They are Santiago Ramirez (the father), son Mario and daughter Juana. The Tarahumara runners have become well known in the running world due to Chris Mcdougall’s book - Born to Run.

I am presently trying to help these runners with some advice and coaching, because they have never run in such wintry conditions that Churchill offers (-25).  How will they do? Have they ever heard of Frost Bite? Normally the Ramirez girls run in skirts and sandals, for they come from the Copper Canyon where many Tarahumara indigenous families live in poverty. Running is their mode of “transportation”. I will get them some running clothes, Balaclavas, goggles, mitts, shoes and toques.

AiA will try to give these runners a warm welcome to Manitoba, Canada. They have never been to Canada before.

Come and join us on the 22nd of November in Steinbach. Feel free to invite your friends – runners as well as non-runners. You may wish to host a table of 8 ($150).